Tomorrow will be cancelled due to lack of interest


Dilberti autorina tuntud Scott Adams võtab väga ilusasti kokku kogu valimissüsteemi olemuse ja näitab ära kes lõikab sellest profiiti ja kes mitte. Samuti seletab ta lahti miks ta ise valimas ei pea käima:

Senior citizens vote like crazy (sometimes literally), and look at all the loot they get. Younger generations are paying those lazy Greatest Generation bastards more Social Security money than the retirees ever paid into the system. That’s because seniors bother to vote. They’re smart!

Personally, I don’t vote. That’s partly because I know there isn’t enough information available for me to make an informed decision, and partly because the rich white guys in power (my peeps) are doing a good job of taking from the poor and giving to me. I don’t have much to gripe about.

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