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Tööpakkumine patsiga poisile

Üks mu sõber värvab vastloodavasse Rootsi firma Eesti filiaali inimesi. Hetkel oleks tal vaja progejaid.



  • Very good knowledge in Object oriented programming (OOP), preferably PHP and design patterns
  • Very good knowledge in regular expressions
  • Good knowledge in MySQL
  • Good knowledge and understanding n W3C-standards
  • Experience from developing a crawler or spider
  • Experience from TDD (Test Driven Development) and Unit testing
  • Experience from Apache, Subversion, Shell scripting and Linux
  • Experience from project driven programming

Nice to have for a developer/sysadmin

  • Good knowledge in Networking and TCP/IP
  • Good knowledge in server and client installation
  • Good knowledge in supporting users

Tegelikkuses on kogu asja juures võtmesõnaks AJAX. Firma mille filiaal siia tuleb kohta on selline jutt.

WGP is a world-leading interactive Strategy and Communications Company working as the key partner for business leaders in the online financial and gaming sector. WGP was founded in 2004 and has rapidly become one of the world’s most important players in the online gaming and finance lead generation markets. WGP is a key partner for some of the industry leaders providing hands-on execution of search engine positioning and maximizing lead generation. Some of the success factors behind WGP include excellence in each market, hands-on focus, white-hat SEO and personal accountability. WGP’s mission is to help our clients to dominate their online industries and build a world-class team with true excitement in our work, and the aim is to stay ahead of competition and continue to grow into more segments. To stay in line with the aim, WGP always has a need for top performers.

WGP is in an expansive phase and is currently looking for suitable individuals to fill the open positions as Site Managers of online poker and casino sites that we are working with on an international scale. As Site Manager of local sites on an international market your job is to ensure a sustainable growth in traffic and leads generation for your local sites. The position requires excellent local language skills, a very strong sales and market focus, good coordination abilities, interpersonal skills and preferably web experience. The Site Manager is responsible for the overall site governing and refinement, including content, links and visitor flow and will interface with several internal departments such as IT, design etc. Key to the role is to find sustainable partnerships with other sites, in the form of ad purchases, link exchanges and similar approaches, in order to build a substantial SEO value and a successful presence on the Internet for our clients within the poker and casino segments. The Site Manager will be a team member in the WGP International Team and set high standards for the international business operations.

WGP’s objective is to constantly be at the forefront of business development in a rapidly changing world. This gives you the opportunity to develop your skills in an environment that is open to new ideas and new impressions. With WGP you will soon get into challenging situations, where things such as initiative and natural leadership are encouraged. You will get the opportunity to develop equally on the professional and the personal level through working on exciting assignments alongside competent and experienced colleagues.

WGP’s international network reaches over numerous markets with locations in:

  • New York, US
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Mumbai, India
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Bunnell, Florida, US
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Toronto, Canada (Opening May 2006)

WGP is active in over 20 languages and always strive to have leading products in each language and geography, both in terms of lead generation volume and quality of product.

If you think that you can keep up with the high pace and contribute with personal initiative, we offer fantastic opportunities for a rewarding career with interesting work and client contacts.

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