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Korn: Y’all want a single

Vaatasin just praegu Korni selle loo videot ja sealt jooksis läbi terve persetäis infot muusikatööstuse kohta. Tundub tuttav? Selgub, et ega ka meil asi väga teistmoodi ole – või kui siis hullemas suunas. Nendele kes ei viitsi lugu ennast kuulata (koosneb peaasjalikult sellest fraasist: “Y’all want a single say fuck that. Fuck that, fuck that!”, siis kogu jutt kokkuvõtlikult on selline:

One corporation owns the 5 major video channels in the US.
Is that OK?
Last year the big 5 record labels together sold about $25 billion dollars of music.
90% of releases on major labels do not make a profit.
Britney Spears’ last video cost $1,000,000.
This Korn video cost $150,000.
You have seen $48,000 worth of video.
Will any music channel play this video?
The music “industry” releases 100 singles per week.
Only 4 songs are added to the average radio “playlist” each week.
Hit songs on Top 40 are often repeated over 100 times a week.
Is that all you want to hear?
Why is a song worth .99¢
Do you download songs?
Steal this video.
This is a single.
Two radio conglomerates control 42% of listeners.
The record company wanted to change this video. We didn’t.
90% of all singles get to “the hook” within 20 seconds.
98% of all #1 singles are less than 3 30 seconds long.
Does this seem like a formula to you?
With all this said…
We love making music.
Is this the music “business”?
Is that OK?
Thank you for your 3 minutes of time
Love, Korn.


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