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Anyone who’s been working on multilingual Magento installations know the pain of hunting those pesky untranslated strings that always seem to emerge at last moment no matter how hard you try to nail them all. And don’t even mention upgrades! Every upgrade brings scores of new or updated strings …

Enter Transl8r. Tranl8r is very simple, yet surprisingly useful tool that plugs into Magento translation system. Whenever system has to display base language string, a row will be added to theme locale file. To fix language package all you need to do is to load all you store pages once and open app/design/frontend/{package}/{theme}/locale/{locale}/translate.csv. You find all the missing strings there. It also works for backend.

Transl8r is currently alpha level software, which means that I’m still adding new features, even though the main functionality is in place. You can send feedback to or tweet at me on Twitter @pronto2000

For the extension to work make sure that app/design/frontend/{package}/{theme} folder is web server writable.

Download extension (beta version):

How to install?
  1. Go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager;
  2. Log in;
  3. Under Direct package file upload choose Browse / Choose file and find downloaded .tgz;
  4. Click Upload;
  5. Profit!

Please note that you have to uninstall all the previous versions first.

This extension in also available from GitHub: