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Checkstension is a Magento extension designed to give a quick bird’s-eye view of an existing Magento project. Useful for monitoring, while consulting a new customer or before taking over project started by someone else. Checkstension is still a beta level software i.e. it’s a work in progress. Suggestions for additional features are welcome: (

Current features (0.11.0; 20140728):

  • Displays list of extension, their state and version;
  • PHP Info;
  • General information about server, client and few other things;
  • Provides information about database table sizes of the current Magento installation;



How to install?
  1. Go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager;
  2. Log in;
  3. Under Direct package file upload choose Browse / Choose file and find downloaded .tgz;
  4. Click Upload;
  5. Profit!

Please note that you have to uninstall all the previous versions first.

Checkstension is now available on GitHub as well: